jeudi, novembre 15, 2007

MFA St., Onions, H2O, AMA, Kerouac

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"I don't belong to an Onion, I AM Onion."


Tonight CCNY MFA canidates are having an open studio

I am really looking forward to this.

I know some of the people from Sylvia's ceramics class.

Now I am Googling to see what their stuff looks like.

Here they are alphabetically by first name:

Dennis Delgado

Filipa Farraia

Glenda Hydler

Jang Soon Im

Rachel Jobe

Seung Ae Kim

Sun Kim

Anthony Miler

Nancy Palubniak ak ak ak

Shani Peters

Patricia Reibesehl

Arthur Skowron

Miranda Small

Dessida Snyder

Erik Sommer

Mary Sweeney

Pei Chum Tsai

Priska Wenger

Yu Zhang

Yesterday, efore going to meet Mitch at the Humanities Library for the Kerouac Exhibit, I was asked by someone from ICLA? ICLA? to volunteer to donate bone Marrow. I said I would think about it. While I was thinking about it and reading "The Paper"

I thought maybe I would try to reach and write an article about bone marrow in relation to me and things I care about (universal single payer health care, environmentalism, not losing my apartment, non-profit organizations that really help people, separation of church and state, etc.) The (really beautiful) young woman at the table was super nice and in about 2 minutes touched on about twenty good medically related topics.

Today I went to a meeting about environmental jobs. Speakers Mario Paula from the EPA, Dr. James Wang from environmental, Raphael Rodriguez from U. S. Geological Survey NY Water Science Center, and William C. Schwab from U.S.G.S. Woods Science Center spoke for an hour and a half to a packed room of over 80 people.

I almost for got to mention (drumroll PPause) After seen the (amazing) Kerouac show at the (amazing) Humanities Library, I went out and bought a paper shredder. (I've been thinking of paper mache)

Alreadly this has given me hours of entertainment and pleasure as I shred everything fromwatchtower handouts, toletters from debt collectors, to advertisements for Kohls and the MomA Design Store. When I made the impulse buy, I thought I was being all environmental I realize that it is yet another gulty, plastic pleasure that runs on electricity:( Please let me know if you need/want some pretty packing material.


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