dimanche, décembre 31, 2017

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How are you?

I have been reaching out to representatives and pillars of community hoping to garner support for some ideas that people in the city have had these past five years since I entered the Women's Shelter System. These are ideas that homeless women, workers and urban planners have found exciting and feasible:

Linear Parks--to promote health, education, ecology, transportation with taverns and inns inside and outside the parks. Of course the Highline and the Lowline are examples of linear parks. Empire State Trail is a great example.

2020 Eco Fair-- on the site of the Fairgrounds in Queens, NY. Hotels and other sponsors can bid for building permits that could include, hotels, a Performing Art Center at least as large as Lincoln Center, schools, housing for local people in need, restaurants, indoor public spaces, hike and bike trails, bike parking, and more...all with ecology and education in mind.

Health Spas/Urban Planning Centers--complexes including housing, auditoriums, indoor public-spaces, and restaurants that serve the aging and poor as well as the wealthy and youthful. Metropolitan Hospital in Manhattan is a good site for a start.

World Hiking School--serves youth and elderly and everyone in-between, has accommodations as well as educational and fitness courses and offers scholarships to people in need. Could be accredited.

United Nations Apparel--designers and architects from every nation work together to create and market eco-friendly, labor friendly apparel.

(Four) (Free) Regional Universities

1, 000 new indoor public spaces at least as nice as Deutchebank atrium on Wall Street. When it's 17 degrees outside people young and old need to get out of the cold. Lowline might be an interesting example. David Rubenstein Atrium is a great example.

If any of these sound like good ideas please mention them to representatives and pillars of community and philanthropists that may be interested.

I have reached out to AIA, Nikki Haley, Erik Solheim at UNEP, many elected representatives, prominent architects and Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Thank you!

Happy New Year!


jennifer johnson
2643 Broadway 2B5
New York, NY 10025

samedi, septembre 30, 2017

KKoym Harassment and Parade of Missing Limbs

what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this September 30, 2017? I haven't written or posted anything here for a long, long time. So much has happened, much of it bad...or good/bad like meeting a son or brother you didn't know you had on the evening someone saw fit to render him blind. I'll copy and paste a letter I wrote to Helen Rosenthal and Kristen Gillibrand.


How are you?

I have been having a hell of a week/year. I could use your help. 

Here's a note to let you know what's up with me. This year has been incredibly bad. I thought last year was bad but I had no idea no what bad was. 

Anyway, I am forwarding a letter I just sent to Kristen Gillibrand. If you have the time and inclination. Maybe you could call the Mayor and/or Governor and/or the District Attorney and/or U.S. Attorney's office. Or anyone you can think of who could help.

Hello. How are you?

Today and most every day since February 11th, 2017...I have been made the target audience for a parade of missing limbs mostly around Lincoln Center, Central Park, and and W 59th Street to W 101, but also in the Art Student's League, around Bloomingdales and Columbia and near St. Andrew's on Center Street. The number of victims with severed limbs and missing teeth is now well over 100.

I have contacted The FBI, the DA, the NYT, the Mayor, Governor Cuomo, The White House, the U.S. Attorney and NYPD without much response. I am hoping you might be persuaded to persuade the D.A. or the U.S Attorney's Office to assign someone to this case or influence the NYPD to assign a detective to this case. I feel like if a detective or agent or attorney could spend three hours or three days or three weeks with me we could solve this crime spree and prosecute to the full extent of the law. The victims missing limbs don't seem to be going to the police. They go by quickly. Some are famous. Rob Riggle of Comedy Central, Michael Keaton, Michael Richards...today in Fiorello's...Tony Randall's son.

Many of the people missing limbs look related to me. All look nice. Guileless. Mean people are hurting nice people. It seems like many people know about it. It seems related to my Albanian roommate who claims to be Muslim, a woman named Kimberlee Koym JMHS SATX 1988, my friend Michael Mathew who Malmud and Koym both seem to be in love with and Robert De Niro whose son may live in my building. In January of 2016, Orkida Malmud said to me, "Now I get to kill your whole family." She then told me that in her country people chop off people's hands for stealing. She smiled. "Chop! No more stealing." She is by marriage now a U.S. citizen for many years.

So...if you CAN help by giving a call to the DA, the US Attorney's office, the police chief...I would be most grateful. This past week the numbers of missing limbs has gone from one or two a day to more than six a day. Quite alarming statistically.

Thank you.

"to start, to hesitate; to stop
(kneeling in doubt: while all
skies fall) and then to slowly trust
T upon H,and smile"

--e. e. cummings
100 selected poems


I have seen Michael Richards since this letter was written and he has two legs...or his twin brother does. Even if half of the injuries are fake there are still well over 100 victims. There was a lull in the parade for about a week. Last evening there was a young man walking north on Broadway near 63rd Street following a woman in a wheel chair the youn man was clearly missing his left hand. I got the impression the woman in the wheel chair (who was popping wheelies and looked the same age and body type as Malmud) was un-injured while the young man...clearly injured...seeemed to have been recently injured (within the last hour) and Nearby. It may have to do with Michael, Larry, Orkida Malmud, and/or Kimberley Koym who seems to have some stake on Whole Foods, Amazon and Breads Bakery. Often there is a crowd of people walking quickly (at gun point?)  with the victim.

jeudi, août 04, 2016

In Summary and in Clothing

Today I am looking at tennis dresses. Stella McCartney has done some beautiful things for ADIDAS often in black. Tennis Warehouse has a great skort by Lucky in Love.

vendredi, mars 18, 2016

Hello, Vernal Equinox 2016

Monday I went to the opening of the Socially Relevant Film Festival at Albertine Books to think about adapting novels into films. I met some young filmmakers and some writers. Including Amitabh Joshi who has studied at SVA. Here is a sample of his work.  And I met another SVA graduate, (Victor?) who made the film Two and Twenty Troubles.

Here is a nice trailer of the film festival:  SRFF 2016. Here are my notes from the talk:

Socially Relevent FF Language Culture Lela--Nabokov Austin, TX--LBJ Blowup Antonioni The English Patient The desert The dessert Seven act structure One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Cable Internet Film Three act structure One Two Three Harold Pinter Silences and pauses

Play as music Pynchon Celebration Skeleton Words that are SO neutral Nobody in the room Will you be there? Ou est tu? Flesh Catherine Clifton Migula Nobody's Perfect Moods Characters Bridgette--game boy South Africa Wide angle Work Things you love Schizophrenic character Re-read your own movie Larry McMurtry Tom Wolfe Ken Kesey Intelligence Creativity Mr. Wright Columbia, Sorbonne Mark Levy--if only it were true Helicopters Taking time Novel Screenplay The bad check of the French movie Clockwork Art Students Papa You Are Crazy Time Vietnam TTM Moricious 400 Pages Lookout Cartridge Interviews Interviews Interviews Musical instrument Voices Actors Translators Mother Jealous husband

(What is not socially relevant?)

This winter is almost over and was relatively mild. I hope you are having a good 2016 so far. I have also seen YouthHail Ceasar, Michael Moore's Where to Invade Next.

mardi, août 18, 2015

Heat Wave

August 15, 2015

Spent the Saturday evening at the awe inspiring Met museum.

lundi, avril 20, 2015

Muppets, Earth Day, Human Highway, Schubert

Muppets, Earth Day, Human Highway, Schubert

This past week has been busy with meetings. Tuesday, I met with Janelle, my case worker at Institute for Community Living, then saw Linda Montano at the Fales Library. Wednesday, I met with Katie, my caseworker at Coalition for the Homeless. Thursday, I joined the CAP program at CFTH. Friday, I was supposed to meet Rich, from Strandbooks at The Met Museum, but ended up watching little league baseball in the park and seeing the printmaking show at ASL. Outside the show I met Lance Owen AF Vet Medical Assistant seeking help to open a small adult day care and thrift store while simultaniously advertising for bicycle rentals. Saturday, I went to Washington Square Park to “table” with Florindo for Peace Action Manhattan. (I met Florindo a few years ago when I rode up to Albany with MetCouncil On Housing.) Then, I met Michael, who I know from Foundation Center to watch Human Highway at the IFC.

Human Highway is very perfect, especially for Peace and Planet. IFC has pre-view for a Documentary called, I Am Big Bird, the Caroll Spinney Story which inspired me to watch this other Sesame Street Documentary.