dimanche, août 25, 2013

Broken Tile Mosaic History Of Reclaimed Urban Space Trail

Jim Power, Mosaic Man is replacing tiles in the LES. He asks for help preserving what is good about the LES. Please visit:


Www. Mosaicmannyc.com

mercredi, août 21, 2013

Bridges, Boroughs, and Gardens

Sitting here in the public atrium near 6th Avenue and 54th Street, thinking about urban planning and Understanding Power (a book by Noam Chomsky). Also, I am thinking about Skywalks, thermodynamics and music.

Alvin Ostroff, Anna Sokolow, Norm Goodman

Another beautiful Saturday. Alvin Ostroff met me for breakfast and told me his stories the 20th Century then we walked to ASL and I talked with Jayson about Anna Sokolow and Theater for the New City.

jeudi, août 15, 2013

Bon Anniversaire

This month marks the tenth anniversary of my arrival in New York.

Microcosm Block Print

Wood Working...Grant Writing...Women's Shelter: The Musical...Regrets Workshop...Pops for the People...Royal Deli...Coalition for the Homeless Housing Workshop