mercredi, octobre 30, 2013

Lucky Number 13

A Year in Review

2013 started out kind of depressing for me...As depressed as one can be living in a fantastic and amazing city full of mostly very nice people.

Many hours were spent commuting from DHS shelters in Brooklyn to Manhattan. On the train have seen so many people that must be relatives of me or my relatives and friends. Seeing people that look like children of friends or nieces or nephews or my very own children...makes me feel crazy happy and super sad at the same time.

I have seen some famous people. (Robert Downy Jr., one of the guys from Big Bang Theory, Betty White). When I see someone famous I feel good, Like I am getting back on the right track.

I have seen so many people injured in one way or another...missing arms, girl I think I saw in Whole Foods one day, happy and smart, and the next day, I think I saw the same five or six year old girl being rolled around in a baby buggy...missing everything except her head and upper torso. This has distressed me greatly. I am looking for causal relationships.