jeudi, janvier 31, 2013

I love you because...

If you got'd invite me to the wedding.

You return my calls.

If we went out to eat, you would tell me if you had a financial interest in the restaurant.

If you had a disease, you'd tell me before you kissed me.

If you knew you owed me an apology, you wouldn't wait seven years to deliver.

If you visited the city I lived in you would call me...or e-mail me or visit me.

If I visited the city you lived in...and called you to say I was in town, you would want to see me.

If I told you my landlord was trying to evict would show up in court to defend me.

If I had food on my face or if I was getting fat, you would tell me. (Thanks, Channel 7.)

You did not fuck me up the ass ( then do it again after I asked you not to ever fuck me up the ass.)

mercredi, janvier 23, 2013

Guided By Invoices

I am officially homeless again. The "friend" I was staying with in Green Point changed his mind. Now I am sitting in Grand Central Station...on my way to The gym to take a shower.

I Did find time to go to PACE gallery last Thursday to see some metal and glass work and an amazing video of earthworks.

At the gym, I have been watching the president, Anderson Cooper, and the late night talk shows. I have seen a few films. Django, Gangster Squad, Broken City, Jack Reacher... Skyfall...part of This Is 40....I have been wanting to see Argo and Cosmopolis...and a pretty one at IFC with an acrobat in front of the Eiffel Tower...what is that one?

mercredi, janvier 02, 2013

Allo, 2013

More of the good stuff (running, dancing, singing, art) less of the bad stuff (disease, mean people, homelessness, farts).

mardi, janvier 01, 2013

Au Revior 2012