mardi, avril 29, 2014

Taxi Driver Fan Club

Here now at ASL charging the cell phone. Came across this show on the way over from the UN Y. Urs Fisher. 

Now about to head downtown to meet a guy named Michael from Buffalo. Fading Gigalo was pretty and pretty funny.

Now here at YMCA. Mourning the death of a young man who may have been shot to death.

mercredi, avril 23, 2014

Buildings About Songs and Food

Earth Day 2014...50th anniversary of The New York World's Fair sitting here at Whole Foods thinking about Tent(s) of Tomorrow and wondering about a guy who just walked by...maybe injured, maybe not...he walked by and out into the street. Some younger people seemed to be following him, but not out into the street. I hope he is ok. Wonder why he was walking funny.

Now at Starbucks. Thinking about Casa Mila and Anthology Film Archives. 

jeudi, avril 03, 2014

Spring at Last! Spring at Last!

Here at the YMCA. Watching baby water-aerobics. Thinking about having my cost dry-cleaned. Now weeks later, still waiting for the end of winter after a few warm days, sitting at Pain Quotidian, giving up on giving up coffee because hot chocolate is making me fat and sluggish. Thinking about learning Russian and proceeding as a poor person.