dimanche, janvier 12, 2014

The Island of the Colorblind

Oliver Sacks' 1996 Island of the Colorblind was sitting on a shelf in the women's shelter library. I have been carrying it with me to read on the train.

There is also a book by Dean Ornish there called Stress, Diet, and Your Heart.

In other news, I have been shopping for wallets. Wallet, small purse, checkbook kind of thing that will fit into my vest pocket and keep me organized. For some reason I am craving a letter sized wallet that unfolds like a book...or a tri-fold brochure.

The contest has narrowed down to Hobo and Steve Madden. I almost went with a nice Nine West that was pretty much perfect, but someone seems to have snatched it up before I made up my mind. I think Hobo wins. No. It's a tie.

mercredi, janvier 01, 2014

Au Revoir 2013

Ten Improvements for every day of the New Year:

Exercise, exercise, exercise (dance, dance, dance)

See a show

Write a proposal

Write a poem

Eat less

Play more

Write review



Make something beautiful