mardi, août 18, 2015

Heat Wave

August 15, 2015

Spent the Saturday evening at the awe inspiring Met museum.

lundi, avril 20, 2015

Muppets, Earth Day, Human Highway, Schubert

Muppets, Earth Day, Human Highway, Schubert

This past week has been busy with meetings. Tuesday, I met with Janelle, my case worker at Institute for Community Living, then saw Linda Montano at the Fales Library. Wednesday, I met with Katie, my caseworker at Coalition for the Homeless. Thursday, I joined the CAP program at CFTH. Friday, I was supposed to meet Rich, from Strandbooks at The Met Museum, but ended up watching little league baseball in the park and seeing the printmaking show at ASL. Outside the show I met Lance Owen AF Vet Medical Assistant seeking help to open a small adult day care and thrift store while simultaniously advertising for bicycle rentals. Saturday, I went to Washington Square Park to “table” with Florindo for Peace Action Manhattan. (I met Florindo a few years ago when I rode up to Albany with MetCouncil On Housing.) Then, I met Michael, who I know from Foundation Center to watch Human Highway at the IFC.

Human Highway is very perfect, especially for Peace and Planet. IFC has pre-view for a Documentary called, I Am Big Bird, the Caroll Spinney Story which inspired me to watch this other Sesame Street Documentary.

samedi, avril 04, 2015

The Wright Height

Last month, I went to Florida to visit my mother. The first week, we took the one hour drive to Florida Southern College to see the Frank Lloyd Wright campus and tour the new Usonian House. The campus seems to be built for short people, but I was assured that FLW (5'9") did not intend to exclude tall people from using the buildings and covered walkways...only to cause a feeling of reverence. The campus is undergoing a much needed renovation.

jeudi, février 12, 2015

Antonio Gaudi Architecture Film Club of New York Facebook Page

So...yesterday Facebook reminded me about the Antonio Gaudi Architecture Fan Club of New York and wanted me to post something already. So I started looking around for things related to Antonio Gaudi, architecture and New York. I happend to have a doctor's appointment so I found The sobriety garden at Bellevue Hospital.

This is turning into a lesson in social media, but it started as an idea to get together in person and talk about what is good and what is good architecture. Aligning oneself with Antonio Gaudi may be a bit risky. As amazing as Gaudi is...he has his critics and in an age of glass, steel and concrete...well...whether you are a tutsi or a hutu even Philip Glass might agree that Gaudi's work at the very least, represents good craftsmanship. Am I wrong?

Also, here is a link to a film about Antonio Gaudi.