jeudi, août 28, 2014


Now I am feeling normal and attempting to write about art again. Here is a photo of the new Hyatt building from Central Park. At first I felt this building was horribly too tall for the neighborhood. Now, I guess I am getting used to seeing  it there. So much construction is going on around 57th Street. Makes me nervous that we are making the mistake of obliterating history. I might add that the views expressed in Architect's Newspaper are not necessarily the views of this blog(ger). That North Beach library does not looks so great to me. I have never been to North Beach, but I am guessing that I might have agreed with the protesters (protestors?).

The New Museum has an impressive show up that includes video of buildings being demolished in Mecca. Again, I have never been to Mecca...but I like to see old buildings well maintained and/or adapted to fit with new buildings. The idea of destroying all that history makes me sad. What does a thoughless, careless society do? Not maintain and care for old people and places.

This show has a lot to do with Islamic world and I visited (I think) BEFORE or around the begining of this recent news of Isreal bombing and "ISIS" cutting of photographer's heads. When I was going through the show I was having positive thoughts about Islam and Arabic speaking people's. I felt that we are not different but the same.

I am loving the reused materials. Right now there are TWO fantastic dragons made of re-used construction materials from Chinese construction sights hanging in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. The Cathedral is beautiful and the dragon's don't diminish the Cathedral's beauty. Please go to St. John to see how much these dragons do not diminish the cathedral...even if you have to come from Mecca to see this.

samedi, août 16, 2014

Summer Supermoon

What is the proper response to witnessing a violent crime on FB?

vendredi, août 01, 2014

Month of the the Month

Sitting near Lincoln Center thinking about running one mile and/or going to the Broadway House Crochet Event.