jeudi, octobre 16, 2008

ASLA, AFSCME, GMHC, and the skyscraper museum

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Here I am at The Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC), a Community Based Organization on 24th Street that (among other things) works with the NYS Dept of Labor to assist workers transition to better lives/jobs. The computers here are very fast.

There was some question last week when I went to the workforce center on 125th street last week to see about getting an extention on unemployment benefits. The question was to apply or not to apply, for public assistance that is. I applied. One week later I am here feeling pretty good about the decision. I won't know until next week if I qualify for anything, but I am pretty happy now with the "tough love" (for lack of a better term)I have recieved so far.

I am interested in jobs related to buildings maintenance and construction, as well as entreprenuership and the arts. I'm still planning on applying to CCNY's MFA program for fall 2009 even though my 2006 and 2007 applications were rejected. (Applications are due by the end of 2008.)This time my work will have to do with History (time+storytelling), Quilting, and Communication.

In addition to attending coffee and cookies at Redeemer, Erin and I have joined the choir at fourth UU (Landmark on the Park). THis has been a big source of joy, better than imagined. The choir director is amazing. The people are great company. Rosemary is great. Jill is great. All is good. On Sunday anyway. Tonight I am going to a R.E. leadership group meeting there.

We met a Photographer/videographer/screenwriter/director named Michael who lent me a copy of B. Bryson's Short History of Nearly Everything and offered to let us collaborate on some projects with him. He is trying to digitally edit a play called "Blind Date". He smokes too much, but is otherwise a nice guy and a good mentor. He says I am wasting my time with this this Public Assistance Application/Endevour. I respectfully dis-agreed.

Last night I checked out a new museum called the Skyscraper Museum