lundi, mai 27, 2013

vendredi, mai 10, 2013

Hats: The Musical

I have been thinking about hats and hat making. Fedoras are looking good also little old lady hats and big architectural hats. Derby hats seem popular and (of course) baseball hats.

The somewhat more conservative than last year,2nd Annual Ideas Festival came and went. Alongside the RedBull music Festival. River pools and bicycle generators...Housing for Artists...SPURA...Gardens...gardens...gardens...smartclothes...Howl...clean water...LES yoga. I missed most of it. I did get to see Old Saint Patrick's--very beautiful! Next, the LES Arts Festival.

I have been volunteering at Theater for the New City...very fun...very nice. I purchased three new notebooks and started writing things down.

samedi, mai 04, 2013

Steve's History of the World, Flow Chartes, IDEAS,

Hello. I am on my way to the gym to drop of my bag and take a shower. The day is beautiful. I hope to run off my winter fat. Stopping to take a photo of Spring 2013.