lundi, juin 30, 2014

Tournament of Tournaments

This building (below) in Manhattanville is impressive to me only in the speed at which it was erected. I hope there are some interesting public spaces worked into the finished building.

lundi, juin 09, 2014

What Happened To Mars Bar? (aka "It's Nothing $1,000,000 Worth of Landscaping Can't Fix)

I often sit here in the seating area of Whole Foods...charging my phone...having breakfast, lunch, dinner as I am for the time being homeless.

I love this old green building across the street with "End War" scrawled across the top. The building behind is new. Where it stands was once Mars Bar, a semi-famous place where (I guess) at least one semi-famous film maker had more than a few drinks. This new building is so sterile and devoid of character in comparison. Sad.

Not too long ago, I thought I saw Mayor DeBlasio standing there, outside the F train station. Whoever it was was talking to a tanner, shorter guy for quite a while. 

Then, the mayor (or a tall guy who looked exactly like the mayor with my glasses off) was just standing there facing 95 Houston for an oddly long time. He seemed to say,"I am waiting for you to come to work with me." (This may have been an hallucination.) THEN he walked off in the direction of the Mayor's office followed buy dozens and dozens of (interns?) followers.

That was months ago. Now I am sitting here looking at the same green building,(still loving the house plants on one balcony) thankful that it hasn't been stamped out by whatever big-foot that stamped out the Mars Bar.

I think I can hear the voice of Dina Levy, my supervisor from UHAB. We seem to be discussing one of my favorite topics: What Is Good?

I  am laughing a little because A) (like American Hustle, the film I saw yesterday) Dina is so perfectly funny and serious...and B) I find it odd that I am hearing her voice while sitting in Whole Foods having breakfast. There, I think I just saw Michael walk by on the sidewalk.

dimanche, juin 08, 2014

Spring 2014

Walking around with Michael from LES looking at buildings and talking about film making and art...religion and softball. I was in the hospital for a few weeks to escape real or perceived dangers at DHS.