samedi, septembre 28, 2013

Smart, Musical, Amusing, and Really Tastetastic

I am sitting outside the Pavilion or "P-lion" , as the sign reads at night...thinking about seeing The Family.

LOL...The Family was better than expected. I just listened to the soundtrack on iTunes.

mardi, septembre 17, 2013

Chioma-god is good

Monday was my last day volunteering in the office at TNC for a while. I had a great there time these past few months. Thanks to Crystal and company for being a great theater family.

lundi, septembre 16, 2013

Museum of the City of New York

Happy Mieux year:-)

Today My prayers we answered and There was a Clinique bonus event at Bloomingdales. Now I have lipstick and mascara. Also, I bought a membership at the Museum of the City of New York. Said hello to John Sheehan and Shawn and the Good folks at All Souls.

Another beautiful September Day.

mercredi, septembre 11, 2013

On this fateful day...

Walking around, picking up laundry, stopping by MoMA.I did not hear the election results.