jeudi, avril 10, 2008

Gardens, Muppets and Weddings

what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this what is this Congratulations my good friend Chad Fogt!
Send me an invitation to your wedding!!

I guess I've been thinking about Urban Planning, Urban Politics, and Urban Poetry lately cause I had this blog entry saved under some such title. CCNY's art department rejected me again this year.(Actually I am a little relieved. I'll tell you why later.) Maybe I will try again in 2009.

now I am studying for the final exam for this gut architecture history class I am taking with Marta Gutman, who BTW has a new book out.

Just now I am looking at the first review slides and they have to do with gardens...specifically Stourhead and Chiswick house in England. Gardens are a great subject. I hope not to get too hung up on the political aspects of the (increasing?) stratification of society in England in the 1700's. Maybe I can just compare these gardens to other gardens in the 1700's. Big gardens, smalls gardens, food gardens, flower gardens, herb gardens, factory farms, hanging gardens, terraced gardens, both romantically picturesque and less romantically picturesque.

Then there are essays to write for the following topics:

a)Neo-classicism in France and the U.S.

b)Nineteenth-Century Historicism

c)Architecture and Industrialization

d)Responses to the Industrial City

e)The American Scene

f)Victor Horta+Frank Lloyd Wright

g)European Avant-Garde Architecture in France

h)European Avant-garde Architecture in Germany

i)Postwar Modernism in the U.S.

j)Reactions to Modernism: Postmodernism

k)Reactions to Modernism: Deconstruction

(With the exception of Horta+Wright, all these headings sound alarmingly dry and terrifically academic.)

I am woefully behind in the reading/studying and the exam is on Monday know...wish me luck!


If you have been to the following places or have insight into any of the following time periods and/or builders please comment extensively. I need all the help I can get.

Guggenheim Museum
Bilbao, Spain
Frank Gehry

Vanna Venturi House
Chestnut Hill, PA
Venturi and Rauch

The Guild House
Philadelphia, PA
Venturi and Rauch

Baker House Dormitory (MIT)
Cambridge, MA
Alvar Aalto

Guggenheim Museum
New York, NY
Frank Lloyd Wright

Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, IL
L. Meis Van der Rohe

The Bauhaus
Dessau, Germany
Walter Gropius

"A City for Three Million People" (project)
Le Corbusier

Villa Savoye
Poissy, France
Le Corbusier

Maison Dom-ino (project)
Le Corbusier

Ward Willits House
Highland Park, IL
Frank Lloyd Wright

Horta's House and Workshop
Victor Horta
Brussels, Belgium

Plan for Chicago (Commercial Club of Chicago)
Daniel Burnham and Edward Bennett

Wainwright Building
St. Louis, MO
Louis Sullivan

Reliance Building
Chicago, IL
Burnham and Root
1889, 1894-1895

Red House
Bexley Heath (near London)
William Morris and Philip Webb

St. Pancras Station
William H. Barlow
The Midland Grand Hotel
Sir Giles Gilbert Scott
London, England

Crystal Palace
Joseph Paxton
London, England

Altes Museum
Karl Friedrich Schinkel
Berlin, Germany

Bank of England
Sir John Soane
London, England

"Monticello" VA
Thomas Jefferson

Royal Saltworks
Arc-et-Senans (near Besancon?), France
Claude-Nicolas Ledoux

Stourhead Park House
Colin Campbell
Stourhead Park Grounds
Henrys Flitchcroft+Hoare II
Stourhead, England

Chiswick House
Lord Burlington (Richard Boyle)
Chiswick House Gardens
William Kent
Middlesex (near London)England

Stourhead, England