lundi, décembre 31, 2012

Norwegian Cruise Ship, Ace Moving And Storage, New Wave Diner, Fidelity Investments

Early in 2012, high on my new iPhone, I finally decided to do something with the $$ in the retirement account that had been "rolled over" from my Half Price Books account. I bought 10 shares of AAPL, for around $300 per share. The stock price fell, I bought ten more. Over the next six months, the price doubled. I also bought CBS and NYT. DIS looked good but I did not feel as good about Disney as I did about Apple.

I was watching GOOG, VZ, TWC, and GM.
They all looked pretty good. GM was mentioned in Spike Lee's Red Hook Summer, which was playing at Sunshine simultaneous to Cosmopolis.

Stephanie TV, Sarah Vowel, Sheila Franklin

Throughout 2012, I was toying with project ideas...history trail, musical theater, cable access the meantime, I started reading On Photography by Susan Sontag. Florindo, whom I met on the Met Council trip to Albany in December, let me help tape something he was working on with some young people at MNN. There was some weirdness that followed wherein, he said his wife thought we were having an affair.

I lost my housing court case and started an appeal. I tried to make arrangements with Stephen to keep my books in exchange for some housekeeping. In June, I was evicted. I called Fred Weber. He said I could stay with them for a while. Around that time I was very ill with strep throat and bronchitis. I had been trying to get se antibiotics from the emergency room at St. Luke's. Finally, weeks (months) later , Stephen took me to Flushing Hospital where they x-rayed my chest and gave me a prescription. Three days later, I was fine.

Back to Work, DHCR, running on trails

I started a "Back to Work" program that met downtown. I was hoping some of the people might want to start a business. Sometimes I would sit in Trinity Church and listen to choirs. Sometimes I would sit in the public space next to Deutsche Bank and listen to the Chess Players and stock brokers.

dimanche, décembre 30, 2012

Spring, Lent, Carol's Car

I gave up coffee for lent. Bread and salads are mostly what I was eating. French bread from the bakery up the street. Housing Court was strange and absurd. I was (am) trying to convince Riverview Properties to assign me the lease to the (my) apartment. They were still saying in court that Louis was a bad tenant. Steve's friend Carol helped me come up with a good argument

100 Pictures Is Worth 100,000 Words?

I saw Miranda July at a photography show. At first she startled me...then, I think I scared her. I saw her film, The Future at the I. F. C. (Which was playing simultaneous to Black Power Mix Tape.)

mardi, décembre 25, 2012

Chelsea, Flushing, Upper West Side

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays seem to be the best days for openings. I try to go to at least one opening a week.