samedi, mars 30, 2013

Tall Buildings VS. Gardens

Happy Easter. I've been walking around celebrating good weather...thinking about gardens and tall buildings. Well...first, about "pretty" tall buildings vs "not-so-pretty" tall buildings aka ugly tall buildings.

vendredi, mars 29, 2013

Braver, Newer Film Festival

J'ai envie de parler à la croisée des chemins...Dernièrement, je suis resté assis dans les lieux avec un éclairage agréable...Whole Foods, Lincoln Center, Cosi, Crunch, Theater For The New City, St. Paul, St. John, ASL, Starbucks... écouter de la musique... penser à film.

Also I have been riding trains and meeting with people, some of whom look like twins/sons/ daughters/parents/cousins of co-workers, friends, schoolmates cousins and brothers.

Also, I have still been seeing an unusual number of injured people...or people acting injured.

Last night, at TNC, I saw someone that looked like Andy Hathaway with MS or parkinson's

lundi, mars 25, 2013

Love Is In The Air

Mmm...strange days. I think things are starting to get better.

vendredi, mars 15, 2013

Le Jour, La Nuit

Quelque fois, je pence...Salut. Je t'aime. Vous ne me direz votre nom. Salut. Vous souhaitez une banane pour le petit déjeuner ? Oui. No Peut-être. Comment vas-tu? toi et moi et tout le monde que nous savons. Pluie pluie pluie.

Il est arrivé, "c'est OK. Vous ne devez pas comprendre cela. »

Il n'y a aucun arrêt vous dès maintenant.

Check out this video on YouTube:

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lundi, mars 04, 2013

Not until it rains?

What happened to the office doors at the Art Student's League? Are they way uglier than they were before? Whose idea was that?

In other news, I saw a funny new film called, NO! If you search for NO on you tube you might get, No Pants Subway Ride-which is differently funny. NO the new film staring the guy from Amores Perros (who I saw once at Giant Bagle) is set in Chile in 1988 and is running along side Koch at Angelica.

I have been seeing a number of people who look like cousins/nephews/brothers and/or offspring. Also (though not as many) nieces/sisters.

Also, I have been seeing a number of people missing limbs and/or walking funny.