vendredi, mars 18, 2016

Hello, Vernal Equinox 2016

Monday I went to the opening of the Socially Relevant Film Festival at Albertine Books to think about adapting novels into films. I met some young filmmakers and some writers. Including Amitabh Joshi who has studied at SVA. Here is a sample of his work.  And I met another SVA graduate, (Victor?) who made the film Two and Twenty Troubles.

Here is a nice trailer of the film festival:  SRFF 2016. Here are my notes from the talk:

Socially Relevent FF Language Culture Lela--Nabokov Austin, TX--LBJ Blowup Antonioni The English Patient The desert The dessert Seven act structure One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Cable Internet Film Three act structure One Two Three Harold Pinter Silences and pauses

Play as music Pynchon Celebration Skeleton Words that are SO neutral Nobody in the room Will you be there? Ou est tu? Flesh Catherine Clifton Migula Nobody's Perfect Moods Characters Bridgette--game boy South Africa Wide angle Work Things you love Schizophrenic character Re-read your own movie Larry McMurtry Tom Wolfe Ken Kesey Intelligence Creativity Mr. Wright Columbia, Sorbonne Mark Levy--if only it were true Helicopters Taking time Novel Screenplay The bad check of the French movie Clockwork Art Students Papa You Are Crazy Time Vietnam TTM Moricious 400 Pages Lookout Cartridge Interviews Interviews Interviews Musical instrument Voices Actors Translators Mother Jealous husband

(What is not socially relevant?)

This winter is almost over and was relatively mild. I hope you are having a good 2016 so far. I have also seen YouthHail Ceasar, Michael Moore's Where to Invade Next.

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